Monday, December 28, 2009

eating from my freezer, fridge and pantry challenge

we cleaned out our freezer today to make room for the beef that is coming next week. it's amazing to find out what you have! i am hoping to make it a goal this year to keep it organized and use up what i have. i was reading money saving mom's post today on the pantry challenge and thought that would be perfect for me as well because i feel i am bursting at the seams with all of our food. so i made a list of items in our fridge and pantry (food storage too) that need to be used up. i can't believe all the condiments that accumulate in our fridge! so i made a list of recipes that could be used per ingredient.

fridge recipes:

pickle relish
*cheddar and macaroni salad
*cindy's turkey salad
*tuna waldorf salad sandwhich
*old fashioned potato salad
*special deviled eggs
*special hamburger sauce
*the best potato salad
*toasted chicken sandwhich

horseradish sauce:
*special deviled eggs
*southwest dipping sauce

teriyaki sauce:
*bbq steak teriyaki
*hawaiian chicken
*melt in your mouth pork chops
*orange teriyaki chicken
*teriyaki marinade
*teriyaki steak
*chicken wraps
*bowtie chicken pasta salad

hot sauce:
*detroit hot honey wings
*sticky fingers
*sweet spicy wings

grape jelly:
*quick sweet and sour meatballs
*sweet and sour smoky bites

pantry recipes:

peanut butter:
*chocolate peanut butter cup cookies
*creamy peanut butter fudge
*creamy peanut dessert
*crunchy peanut butter swirl brownies
*flourless peanut butter cookies
*fluffy apple dip
*fudge puddles
*layered peanut butter bars
*caramel crunch bars
*loaded peanut butter cup cookies
*magic in the middle cookies
*peanut butter trifle
*solid peanut butter cups
*decadent chocolate and peanut butter mousse pie
*oatmeal peanut butter cookies
*peanut butter bannana bread
*peanut butter bars
*peanut butter truffle brownies
*peanut butter brownie cookies

*sunshine jello

cake and brownie mixes:
*blueberry dump cake
*brownies to die for
*cheesecake topped brownie
*goey butter cake
*homemade oreos
*mandarin orange cake
*million dollar cake
*nieman marcus cake
*pistachio cake
*goey butter cake II
*pecan pie bars

evaporated milk:
*sue's hot fudge sauce

beef broth:
*department store onion soup
*french onion soup III
*rich and simple french onion soup

cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup:
*chicken and spinach alfredo lasagna
*chicken chimichangas with green sauce
*chicken ranch enchiladas
*sandy's casserole
*simply creamy lemon chicken sauce
*slow cooker enchiladas
*sonora's chicken
*tator tot casserole
*hashbrown casserole

tomato soup:
*bacon cheeseburger pasta
*best ever meatloaf
*hubby's favorite casserole
*mom's sloppy joes
*sweet chili
*beef taco bake

pork and beans:
*pronto chili
*frito pie

canned peaches:
*ooey gooey peach cobbler
*peach cheesecake

i am hoping to avoid buying lots of food at the grocery store except for the essentials: milk, cheese, eggs, fruit and veggies (although i have a lot of frozen veggies that need to be used up). i hope i can stick with this challenge!


Launi said...

a couple other ideas besides onion soup for the beef broth--we love this stroganoff at our house, though i usually use ground beef instead of steak because it's what we have on hand:

and one of my family's favorite side dishes has a boring name but is super delish: brown rice. 1 can beef broth, 1 can beef consomme, 1 cup rice, 1-2 t. dried onion, 1/2 stick of butter. cover and cook at 375 for an hour or until all liquid is absorbed.

good luck using up your stuff! so many of these recipes look awesome!

Coupon Teacher said...

It sounds like you will be eating well this month!

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