Tuesday, December 15, 2009

christmas decor on a dime

welcome to my little christmas home tour. most of my decor was purchased from last year's christmas clearance, the di (thrift store), the $ store, or items found around the house. i did it on a very low budget! i hope you enjoy...

i got the wreaths and ribbon from after christmas clearance last year.

that is pretty much all of our outdoor decor. come inside, it's cold out there!

here is what you see when you walk in the front door.

for my tree this year i went with family winter and christmas pictures. i just lined them with red paper and hung them with some twine. i wanted to line them with silver paper to, to give it the look of a silver frame but i could not find any silver paper in town. the garland is made from burlap. the ornaments are from after christmas sales last year.

this just makes me smile. those with kids know how kids like to arrange ornaments, in clumps. as my two year old helped put the ornaments up she would say "this one needs a friend"

this is a metal star that i mod podged with some extra christmas piano music i had. i used her instructions found here.

my favorite nativity picture with a framed scripture next to it. i used to have a nativity to display here but in an attempt to spray paint it....it broke. it was just a cheap one so i thought the framed picture of the nativity would go well in its place until i can find a new one.

a clearance silver framed with a reminder for me why we celebrate christmas. the urn and glass vase were finds around the house. the glass got some pinecones and ornaments added to it.

the apothecary jars and picture frames are up year around. i just switched the pics out for some winter ones ( pottery barn inspired) the jars are filled with faux snow, pinecones and ornaments. the little deer ornament i found at tj maxx. i would love to fill my tree with them but at $4 a piece i just bought one for the shelf.

the peace sign was inspired by this one. super cheap and easy to make.

i feel like this arrangement is lacking something. maybe some greenery? i'm thinking maybe a green wreath hung on the wall. the basket and lanterns are up year around. i just added some pinecones and ornaments (bought last year after christmas clearance) to the lanterns. the trees came from the di and i just sprayed them silver they were clear glass.

this is my pottery barn inspired framed joy. i bought the frames on clearance for $4 each and just printed the letters out on my computer.

for the mantle i started out by using a prelit garland with some burlap wrapped around it. i added some silver ornaments and some candles i had around the house. the topiaries are on the mantle year around and the pinecones are placed in metal toothbrush holders that i got on clearance for $1 a long time ago. i knew they would come in handy one of these days.
if it looks like something is missing you're right. the stockings....i am working on them.

to hang my cards up i just used some chair webbing and hung it up with twine.

here is the hutch. i just added a greenery garland from the dollar store. the tree up top was found at the di. i got the grass (bottom shelf) from a yard sale. and the two black containers filled with pinecones were found at di and spray painted black. (i lined my hutch with burlap if you would like to see how i did that click here)

i already had the pitchers and other dishes on display, so i just filled the one with some leftover ornaments.

i made the noel sign by cutting out the letters from some light cardboard (that came in a pack of page protectors) and glittered them. my inner hoarder is now telling me not to throw anything away because you can make so many great things from what would be trash. i had the candlesticks and just stuck an ornament on the top.

i had this bowl that i got at the thrift store, i filled it with some pinecones and ornaments that i had.

i cut out a piece of burlap for the runner. i got the two small trees from walmart for $4 each. i then found some small metal containers to put them in for about $2.50 each.

thanks for stopping by. i hope you enjoyed the home tour! have a merry one!

i am also linking up with diy day@ a soft place to land


Jessica said...

Nice style, classic and chic. It does not come off as cheap at all :) I have an idea for you. I happened to see a note on the sidebar about magnestic spice rack. I think I know what you're refering to. They look great. My husband came up with another idea we used in our tiny condo kitchen. He may have stole the idea from the show Good Eats... He velro'd the spice containers to the inside of a cabinet door. The were two lines of velcro on the cabinets and the containers had little velcro pieces stuck to them so we could 'hang' the bottles. It worked really well. Think about it!

Bonita said...

Wow! Your decorations are truly unique and beautiful! I really like what you did with all the frames, both on and off the tree. That musical star really steals my heart. Excellent decorating!

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

I especially love your hutch. I am sooooo going to copy it!!

Katie said...

I love your simple style! What great inspiration.

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