Tuesday, October 13, 2009

hutch makeover

this hutch was handed down to me by my mother. although i like pine, i think there is a time and place for it and i wasn't really digging the pine with the lines of this hutch.



so i painted it black. but i did not finish painting the very back of the hutch because i thought it was too much black. i wanted to break the black up. i really liked the bead board on the back so i considered painting it, but then i decided to try something else...burlap. i also knew that i didn't want to do anything permanent in case i wanted to change things up down the road so here is what i did.

supplies needed: foam board
a sharp knife
a ruler and/or measuring tape
masking tape
hot glue

first measure the area you are going to cover. cut out your foam board according to your measurements. go test the foam board in the area to make sure it fits before covering them. i had to do some trimming to make mine fit. then place the foam board on your burlap.
(i had some odd measurements so i had to cut and tape my foam board to make it long enough)

cut about 1- 1 1/2 inches around the board

hot glue edges to foam board ( one side of my foam board was blue, don't let that throw you off)
make sure you pull nice and tight as you glue, so that it doesn't hang loose.

i wish i would have ironed that crease out before i started glueing.

if you measured correctly they should just fit in place. i didn't need to use glue or anything to hold them in place because they fit in there pretty snug.

and here is the finished product. i love that the burlap matches so closely to my wall color. it also gives it some nice texture. i also love that it is temporary. i didn't have to use any glue or adhesive in case i want to take it down and go back to the bead board.
i've got another project i've finished to share with you but it'll have to wait until i can get some better lighting. here is a sneek peak...
i've joined diy day over at a soft place to land

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Anna said...

very nice! the hutch looks so good in black and the edition of burlap too.

Connie said...

I just love how that turned out. And the burlap...perfect touch

Fawn@Party of Five said...

Love black furniture! this turned out SO BEAUTIFUL, I'm very jealous. You did a great job, and it looks great with the white dishes. LOVE IT!

K @ Thrifty Teacher Blog said...

Love it! I am so jealous of people with the kitchen space for those :) I would have to give up my freezer (which I am just unable to do right now).

Great job on the redo :)

Cheryl said...

popped over from Kimba's DIY. You did a great job with your hutch makeover. Isn't it nice what a little paint and fabric can do? It totally transformed the look of your hutch. I like the addition of the burlap. It does break the black up and give it some texture.

Sarah said...

It looks beautiful!!! Its so nice that now the hutch is not only an important keepsake cause its from your mother, but its also a piece of furniture that you love that fits your style. I'm so glad to hear that the foamboard works for this, I had been contemplating something similiar for the back of my entertainment center, but I didn't want it to be anything permanent. I was thinking of using foamboard. Yay! Thanks for sharing, you did such a fabulous job.

The Tate Family said...

Megan, it looks beautiful! When you first mentioned that you were thinking of using burlap, I couldn't envision what you had in mind, but I love it! I love that it will be easy to change up if you ever want to! Great job!

myrepurposedlife.blogspot.com said...

looks great in black!


Randi said...

That looks fantastic ... love the burlap!

Jamie said...

It looks soooooo great!!! Love the burlap!

this blessed nest said...

omgoodness! this looks incredible! good for you. and yes, i think your idea not to paint it all black was brillant. you should totally show it off & link it up, like you plan to. it really looks great.


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