Monday, May 7, 2012

homemakeover: the front yard { plan }

Here is a before picture of our house. It is a cute 1920's cottage style home. (we are actually framing  sidewalk in this picture) We have actually done quite a bit since purchasing our home. I wish I would have gotten a picture of how it looked before we bought it. It still needs a little more work, so let me show what projects I have in mind for it...

This is the photo I found that I absolutely fell in love with. It has everything I am looking for. I love how it has both cottage and classic style. 

First things first, we need to put in some sidewalk and gravel the driveway. After the not so fun stuff I want to build some shutters like she did here:

Then i am hoping to build some boxes for plants to flank the front door similar to this one here:

 Then I want to either make or buy these pillows for my chairs on the porch:

 Then I want to make a sunburst mirror like this one  or....

make a chalkboard to hang up like she did here:

And here is a little mood board I created for the front yard:

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