Friday, May 22, 2009

one day like this

i am so in love with this song right now. those violins, love it! not only do i love this song for the music itself, like most songs i don't pay much attention to the lyrics just the beat, but the lyrics are beautiful...

Drinking in the morning sun
Blinking in the morning sun
Shaking off the heavy one
Heavy like a loaded gun

What made me behave that way?
Using words I never say
I can only think it must be love
Oh, anyway, it's looking like a beautiful day

Someone tell me how I feel
It's silly wrong but vivid right
Oh, kiss me like the final meal
Yeah, kiss me like we die tonight

Cause holy cow, I love your eyes
And only now I see the light
Yeah, lying with me half-awake
Oh, anyway, it's looking like a beautiful day

When my face is chamois-creased
If you think I'll wink, I did
Laugh politely at repeats
Yeah, kiss me when my lips are thin

Cause holy cow, I love your eyes
And only now I see you like
Yeah, lying with me half-awake
Stumbling over what to say
Well, anyway, it's looking like a beautiful day

So throw those curtains wide!
One day like this a year'd see me right!

have a great friday, it's looking like a beautiful day.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thrift Store and Yard Sale finds!

sorry about the lack of blogging lately. i know so many of you have been so dissapointed to not hear from me;) i've been SUPER BUSY decluttering my house!! it's really hard for me to part with my things but i am loving the extra space that i am finding. i am trying to "live with the things i love and get rid of the rest". so on another note (my husband rolled his eyes when i came home with what he calls more junk) i did have success in yard sales and the thrift store this week, here is what i found:

cute vintage sheets to make a quilt, dresses, curtains etc. - $2.00 each
best of chopin piano book - .50
i think its a cheese plate thing? but i am going to use it as a cloche- $3
sheets- $2 each
gap jumper- $3
children's place jeans- $2

baby clothes- $1 each

dvd's - $2 each
books - .50- $1 each
children's book- .25
purse- $3
scrapbook supplies - .25 each
thread holder thing? - $1
pic frame- .25
scrapbook 12x12 page holder - $2
i don't usually buy that much but i couldn't help myself i found such great things. once i get my stuff organized i am hoping to get my craft back on and show you some finished projects! homebody's linky isn't working but i am participating in her thrift store thursday weekly post! check out what she found! i'm kind of jealous.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Southwestern egg rolls

this is another recipe i tried recently that was really good. i adapted it a little from the original. we used leftover steak in place of the chicken but i would like to try it with chicken sometime too.

Southwestern Egg Rolls

•3 cups grilled steak, cubed
•2 tablespoons red bell pepper, minced
•2 tablespoons green onion, minced
•1/2 cup frozen corn
•1/4 cup canned black beans, drained and rinsed (opt.)
•2 tablespoons diced jalepenos
•1-2 tablespoon cilantro, minced
•1/2 teaspoon cumin
•1/2 teaspoon chili powder
•1/4 teaspoon salt
•dash of cayenne
•3/4 cup Monterey Jack cheese, shredded
•5 8" flour tortillas

Heat 1 tablespoon vegetable oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Stir in green onion and red pepper. Cook and stir 5 minutes, until tender
Mix steak into the pan with onion and red pepper. Mix in corn, black beans, cilantro, jalapeno peppers, cumin, chili powder, salt and cayenne pepper. Cook and stir 5 minutes, until well blended and tender. Remove from heat and stir in Monterey Jack cheese so that it melts.

Wrap tortillas with a clean, lightly moist cloth. Microwave on high approximately 1 minute, or until hot and pliable.

Spoon even amounts of the mixture into each tortilla. Fold ends of tortillas, then roll tightly around mixture. Secure with toothpicks. Arrange in a medium dish, cover with plastic, and place in the refrigerator. These are best if refrigerated for 24 hours.

In a large, deep skillet, heat oil for deep frying to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Deep fry frozen, stuffed tortillas 10 minutes each, or until dark golden brown. Drain on paper towels before serving.


Fry each stuffed tortilla for about 2 minutes on each side, drain on a paper towel, then transfer to a baking sheet. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until heated through.

Avocado Ranch Dipping Sauce

•1/4 cup smashed, fresh avocado (about half of an avocado)
•1/4 cup mayonnaise
•1/4 cup sour cream
•1 tablespoon buttermilk
•1 1/2 teaspoons white vinegar
•1/8 teaspoon salt
•1/8 teaspoon dried parsley
•1/8 teaspoon onion powder
•dash dried dill weed
•dash garlic powder
•dash pepper

Smash avocado. Combine all ingredients and mix well. Keep refrigerated.

Honey Butter Mexican Shrimp Tacos

These shrimp tacos were super tasty and soo easy. I found the recipe here. We really liked it with the mango salsa and guacamole, YUM!

Honey-Butter Mexican Shrimp Tacos

•1 lb. Large shrimp in shell
•1/3 c. butter
•1/3 c. honey
•1 Tbsp. Cumin
•1 tsp. Chipotle powder (to taste, be careful, it's hot!)
•-You can also use Mexican seasoning to substitute.
•1 tsp. Salt
•Fresh Ground Pepper

Clean and de-vein shrimp and cut into 3 pieces each (depending on how large they are). Sauté in hot butter until cooked through (just a few minutes). Add rest of ingredients.
Cook just before serving. Have fresh tortillas, and a platter of condiments ready.

Fresh Mango Salsa

•3 medium ripe tomatoes, diced
•1 large Mango (or 2 medium), diced
•½ bunch cilantro, chopped
•1 white onion, chopped
•2 Tbsp. Fresh lime juice
•¼ cup sliced green onions
•Salt & Pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients and allow to macerate in juices for a couple of hours in fridge.

Suggested sides: cilantro lime coleslaw

Meal Plan 05.14 - 05.20

Shrimp quesadillas
-corn and zuchinni melody

Coconut shrimp
-spinach salad
-baked potato
dessert: almond glaze pound cake with strawberries

-spinach salad

Crustless quiche
-fruit salad

french dip sandwhiches
-cola baked beans
-potato salad

Pork Salad
-homemade tortillas

leftovers or freezer meal

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tip Tuesday { get more juice from fruit }

this tip was found in All You magazine, December 2005 issue

Get more juice from fruit
To squeeze more juice out of your lemons and limes, microwave the fruit on high for 30 seconds, let it stand for a few minutes, and then use your hand to roll it on the countertop.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kitchen room redo update

the kitchen is coming along slowly but surely. painting the cabinets is going to take a long time, but i am working on them. i thought i would show a few projects that i have done.

this rooster was given to me, here is the before

and here is the after with a coat of dove white spray paint

i had this magnetic board for a while but i had tired of it so...

i spray painted the metal with chalkboard paint and painted the trim white

i've wanted to make a chalkboard for awhile now but i couldn't find a frame that i liked and then it hit me that i could use my old magnetic board. the best part is it's magnetic too. i got that clock at k-mart on clearance for $12. i finally got around to sewing my curtains for the dining area. they are just a dropcloth that i cut in half and sewed. the dropcloth was $10! that makes for some really inexpensive curtains!

you can see the curtains a little better in this photo

i should have taken the before picture but the two plates ( on top and bottom) were some that i bought at walmart a long time ago. they had a pattern on them so i just spraypainted them dove white. the middle plate is from the thrift store probably a $1.00.

i finally painted the hutch! but its not finished i need to paint the back. i put one coat of black on and then felt like it was too much black. i think i will paint the back either the same color as the walls or put fabric over it. what do you think? if you want to see the before, go here.

if you want to see more transformations head over to between naps on the porch and check out metamorphis monday links.

Friday, May 8, 2009

check it out

*cute bench redo
*apron tutorial made from vintage pillowcases
*plastic mirror turned bulletin board
*alphabet cards as wall art
*using coloring book pages as a template
*picture blocks
*decluttering before you spring clean
*mother's day gift idea
*quiet book ideas
*recipe refrigerator box tutorial
*need some recipes to go in the box, go here
*dress up your drawer knobs
*30 meals step 1
*30 meals step 2
*30 meals step 3

downeast basics swimwear

i came across some really cute swimwear at downeast basics

how cute a skirt swim bottom and with ruffles!
(i don't know about you but i personally like a little coverage in the thigh area)

this is a fun yellow halter and it would look fun with the white ruffled bottoms
navy bottoms would be cute paired with the navy polka dot top below

navy polka dot suit

and the fish, with the buttons
(i'm really digging the halter tops, i think it would really help give me a lift with my after a baby chest, if you know what i mean, if you have children you totally know what i mean)


love by matt white

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thrifty Finds

this warm weather is making me so happy because now is yard sale season!! woo hoo! the yard sales this last weekend were lame, i didn't find one thing, but di pulled through and here is what i found:

ugly but practical red notebook to hold my coupons- $1.00

green bucket - .50
coloring book- .25
frame for little miss m's room - 1.50
tiny new testament- .25
sunglasses for little miss m - .25 each (you gotta love those orange ones)
scary stories series - 1.00 (i loved these as a child)
orange flowered vintage table cloth- 2.00
cute owl trivet - .75
pillow cases for dresses or quilt - .50 each

i decided to join the homebody's thrift store thursday. go check her out and see what everybody else has found!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

isn't it ironic?

so if you read my meal plan for this week you might have noticed that i put KFC down for monday night, i wanted to try their new grilled chicken and i just received coupons in the mail. so i am looking through some blogs and came across this coupon for a free 2 piece meal grilled chicken!! go here and print it twice. it totally made my day.

Target home clearance finds

i was checking out targets's home clearance and here is what i found

this is a fun and bright bedding
i love the pattern and colors on this one

fun green pillow

this pillow would be fun paired up with the green one above

can't beat the price on this computer chair

i love chalkboard, how about on a jar

faux leather ottoman

blue striped ottoman

Meal Plan 5.7 - 5.13

Chicken parmesean
*green salad
*french bread

Coconut Shrimp
*spinach salad with strawberries

*green salad

Spinach quiche
*fruit salad

KFC chicken

Mexican pork salad
*homemade tortillas

leftovers or freezer meal

Monday, May 4, 2009

Food Storage month by month for May

Food Storage Month by Month


“Be prepared in all things against the day when tribulations and desolations are sent forth upon the wicked”- D&C 29:8

Basic Storage:
• Macaroni and spaghetti noodles 12 lbs per person
• Beans 20 lbs per person

Expanded Storage:
• Mixes: cake, muffin, pancake, bisquick, etc.

Nonperishable item:
• Feminine and hygiene products, baby products

surprisingly good and somewhat good for you

i don't normally waste my time on frozen dinners, i've learned my lesson one too many times, but when i got these from the store for .20 each with using my coupon, i thought what the heck i'll give it a try for .20. it is nice to have something quick to eat for lunch. i've only tried the sweet asian potstickers but i thought they were kind of good. i especially liked that they had no preservatives, although they do have a lot of sodium but all in all i thought they were good and will probably keep a couple on hand when i am in a pinch. just thought i would share.
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