Wednesday, January 6, 2010

eating from my pantry challenge: week 1 review

well week one was kind of an unusual week because of new years eve and new years day we had been fed by family. we also had a more than usual amount of leftovers in our fridge this week so i didn't get to as many recipes as i had planned but here is a review of what i did make:

thursday (new years eve): fed by family
*made flourless peanut butter cookies ( super thick but yummy, will add this recipe to my file)

friday (new years day): fed by family

saturday: leftovers

sunday: leftovers

monday: mom's sloppy joes (really good, will add to my recipe file)
*old fashioned potato salad ( just okay i've had better, will not add to recipe file)
*cruncy peanut butter swirl brownies (again just okay, will not add to recipe file)

tuesday: beef taco bake ( not the most wonderful recipe, but a good one for tomato soup and leftover salsa, will keep for future tomato soup)
*frozen corn

so there you have it. i have managed to clear out some more room in the fridge from using up some leftover ingredients.

this is what i have used up so far:

*pickle relish
*frozen corn ( i have a lot of frozen veggies right now that need to be used up)
*bbq sauce
*tomato soup
*peanut butter
*brownie mix

this is what i still need to use up:

*horseradish sauce
*teriyaki sauce
*hot sauce
*grape jelly
*peanut butter ( i've knocked out two jars so far but i've got about 4 more to be used by march)
*cake and brownie mixes
*evarporated milk
*beef broth
*cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup
*tomato soup
*pork and beans
*canned peaches
*frozen veggies, fruit, rolls, and various meats

wow that list is super long. i'll be posting my menu plan for this week next.

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