Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

i feel like a jerk

oh my gosh, so i was looking through some posts that i like, that i save and happen to come across this one. boy do i feel like a jerk. here i thought i was being so creative and thought i would share that creativity with you and then i find that v and co had done the exact same thing!

in all honestly i really had thought of the bandanna skirt being inspired from this. i guess maybe v and co's post was always in the back of my head. anyway just wanted to clear some things up. i never would want to take credit for someone else's ideas.

(and to think i could of just referred to her post to make it, geez i feel like a jerk)

(on another note v and co is an excellent seamstress so that makes me feel a little better about myself)

p.s. isn't ironic that we both have making house a home on our banner?i promise i didn't copy that. we must just think a like.

check it out

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

4th of July Inspiration

i'm thinking it would be really cute to serve silverware in something like this.

patriotic pinwheels for the little ones or just for decoration

joys of home shared a great idea for patriotic decor

happy 4th garland from country living

i love absolutely everything about this picture from the old red truck, the giant flag hanging from the old barnwood, the picnic table with the red ticking and crochet trim tablecloth, the sunflowers i could go on and on! i love it!

{ can't remember where i got this picture from, i'm thinking maybe bhg }

how simple and cute, pound cake cut out in the shape of a star with red and blueberries to top!

{ source }

patriotic pizza, i'm thinking would look really cute in the rectangle shape like the cake below

we are going to hit the children's 4th of july parade on the 3rd and then go to our town's parade on the 4th followed by bbq, homemade ice cream, lots of strawberry lemonade, swimming and relaxing while watching the fireworks from our backyard. what are your plans and traditions for the 4th of july?

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