Saturday, September 27, 2008

Here are some of my thrift finds over the past few weeks. I promise I'll post some after photos of some of the finds.

I thought this would be cute to put some pumpkins on. Black thing? .75 cents
I found the cute tea set in the middle for $2, far left .50 cents, far right $1. I plan displaying these in my hutch as soon as I get it painted.
Cute red lanterns $5 each.

I found these two gap items at a yard sale $2 each! Yep that stinkin cute sherpa gap coat was $2. It had some spots on it that I wondered if I'd be able to get out but they came out great, it looks brand new now.
Vases .75 cents each, glass thing (I have plans for it stay tuned) .50 cents, mail divider $2
Here is a closer look
Jumpers were $3 each, cardigan was $2
Some cute pillow cases for pillow case dresses, .50 cents each, vintage fabric $2 I'm thinking I'll make an apron out of it.
I didn't get these recently but I thought I would share a few of my favorite DI finds for Mylee. These were all $2 each. (far right is a denim gap jumper)

Jacket $3, dress $2 both are old navy

ruffled skirt $2, osh kosh bgosh overalls $2

left to right gap corduroy pants $2, velvet pants $2, gap denim pants $3

can you believe how cute those pink boots are, especially for $2! red gap boots $1, pink fuzzy boots $1

Mary jane's $1, black shoes $1, sandals $1 (don't worry I bought both shoes I just couldn't find the other one for the picture)

I love looking for such great buys for Mylee. You can find some cute clothes for kids at DI! I don't find these every time I go, but every once in a while some good stuff will show up.


Eric and Kassi said...

Wow you are the most crafty, thrifty, creative person I know! I love finding great deals!

Cami said...

just checking out your new blog! you are creative and very busy. lots of fun and great ideas on here. I just had to say that I didn't know you could find such cute things at the DI I think I'll have to start shopping there! or just shop with you! I never find the deals, I'm the worst shopper ever! How are you guy doing? we'll have to get together with our kids that would be fun! you home most days?

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