Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grocery deals 9/24

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this week's grocery deals posted. Honestly it's not as exciting as the past few weeks. I'll try and post some recipes soon but I have been so busy this week that I haven't even planned my meals yet, hopefully that will happen tomorrow.


-Hershey's baking chips and Duncan Hines cake mix (look at ad for others) 10 for $10, -$3= .70 cents each
-C&W frozen veg. , sara lee bread, Albertson's icecream,ocean spray juice(look at ad for others) 5 for $10, -$3= $1.40 each
*click here for some coupons for the frozen veggies
-Kellog's start smart cereal (see ad for others) 3 for $10, - $3= $2.34
*get another $1 off the cereal by going here
-milk 2 for $5
-Renu contact solution $5.99
-Yoplait yogurt 20 for $10 see add for other yogurt and pillsbury offers
*spend $10 get free orange juice
-free wheat thins with in ad coupon
-kraft dressing 2 for $3 with in ad coupon

-peaches .99/lb.
*I've got a couple super yummy peach pie recipes that I'll try and post soon
-cauliflower .69/lb
-roma tomatoes .69/lb
-milk 2 for $5
-western family yogurt 10 for $4
-zucchini .89/lb
-salad $1.69

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