Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grocery deals for the week

Albertson's is having some great deals again this week. A great time to stock up on items. You will need to see the ad to find the specific items you want.

-Quaker and Albertson's brand cereal and granola bars 10 for $15 -$5 = 10 for $10
* $1 for quaker granola bars is a great deal
-Quaker oatmeal etc. 10 for $20-$5= 10 for $15
* go here, here, here, here and here for quaker product coupons. Remember to print the coupons until your limit is reached. I ended up paying .50 cents each for the simple harvest oatmeal, and instant oatmeal! Also the 42 oz. quaker oats is an excellent deal. (even cheaper than Wal-Mart) So, if you are needing some short term storage stock up.
-General Mills cereal 5 for $10, buy 5 get free milk on your next purchase
* go here for some cereal coupons.Also here has some coupons just click on coupons. (you will have to register at that site)
-stouffers frozen entrees $1.88 ( I like to keep the lasagna's on hand)
-hot pockets 6 for $10
-Corn King sliced bacon $1.88, first 3
-Clorox cleaning products 2 for $4, buy 2 and get bleach or clorox wipes for free
-Swiss miss hot cocoa 10 for $10
* if you are following the food storage plan this is the cheapest I've seen for packets of hot cocoa.
-50% off spices
*another item on the food storage month by month plan
-salad 3 for $5
-milk 2 for $5
-get free orange juice with $25 purchase, see the ad for coupon

Lins or associated foods

-jimmy dean sausage $1.99
-peaches .99/lb.
-grapefruit .69/lb
-milk 2/$5
-eggs $1.29
-4 oz. green diced chilies 2 for $1
-yoplait yogurt 20 for $10
* go here for yoplait coupons
-progresso soup, hamburger helper, grand rolls, au gratin potatoes, etc.(see ad) 10 for $15 use coupon in ad 10 for $11
* go here an here for coupons. You might want to stock up on the soups because that is a food storage item for October. I really like the progresso soups for 72 hour kits because you don't have to add water to them. I'll do a post on 72 hour kits later.
-red onions .89/lb
-green beans 1.29/lb
-Dole salad 1.69

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