Thursday, June 11, 2009

its time for thrift store thursday!

wow it's been a busy week, lots and lots of yards sales!

camping chair- $2
blowup matress- $1
drawer organizers - .25 and .50 each
measuring spoons - .25
i don't usually buy clothes but..... this garage sale had lots of cute clothes and i couldn't resist
shirts- $3 each

pot - $1
storage bin- $2 (you can't have too many of these can you? )
round frame soon to be chalkboard- $5
round mirror -$5

skirt- $2
books - .25 - .50 each
girls top _ $1
and no thrift store trip would be complete without any sheets and pillowcases - .50 - $1 each

x-mas piano books - .25 each
children's books - .25 each
ready made magazine - .25
new (but old but i like ) tablecloth - $2
scattegories game - $2
pillow case, candle holder, and books - .50 each

candy land mini pale - .50
new scrapbook book - $5

wow that is a lot of stuff! head over to homebody's thrift store thursday to see what everyone else has gotten!


Holly said...

That is a lot of stuff! I am almost certain I've seen that picture before, the one you're going to make into a chalkboard.
BTW, I love the sweet baby picture in your banner :)

Mrs. Petrie said...

Wow, you scored! All the clothes, the new scrapbook... such deals. I haven't hit the garage sales so much, but I need to think about waking early some Saturday.

Jenny said...

Great deals!

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