Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thrifty finds

there weren't any yard sales around town this weekend, but i did manage a couple of trips to the thrift store, here is what i found:

capris and shorts for little ms. m -$2 & $3
i never really look for clothes for myself but i thought i would take a little looksy and look what i found, a cute brown velvet jacket for $4 and brand new cordouroy old navy pants for $3!

giant basket (begging for a new coat of paint maybe turquiose?) - $3
sheet (stay tuned to see what i do with this, i need to go buy a pattern) - $2
no more tantrums book ( i have a 2 year old) - .50

a close up of the cute lace trim on the sheet

may and june magazines for .25 each
another parenting book ( i have a little obsession or need a lot of help) - .50
children's book - .25
cute little "tea set" - .25 each
more pillow cases (another obsession)- .50 each

toddler clothes - $1-$3 each
i am so excited for the weekend there is going to be a TON of yard sales, i can't wait. i am joining homebody's thrift store thursday. go check it out and join in on the fun!


Holly said...

You found a lot of really cute clothing; I especially like the velvet jacket for you! The discipline book (Not Too Late...), I have Don't Be Afraid to Discipline by the same author from the library. Actually, I keep renewing it and I've had it about 6 months! She's got some good ideas, I just need to put them to use.
Thanks for joining!

Kayleen said...

Wow! Good for you on the clothes shopping. I have a hard time wanting to sort through clothes on 50% off Saturday because there are SO many people. I'm originally from Idaho and now I'm here in AZ. I guess we kinda swapped places now didn't we! Enjoy your lovely summer weather!

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Hi there. Thank you so much for stopping by to visit "The Zoo".
Now of course you got some great deals on those clothes, but Holy Cow! How cute is that little girl?! She is absolutely scrumptious. You're gonna be in trouble when she's a teenager, I think.

Eric and Kassi said...

I love the parenting books! Let us know if any of the methods work!

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