Thursday, June 18, 2009

thrifty finds

i found mostly clothes this week, but i found some great old navy jeans for myself that have barely been used. luckily i knew the people having the yard sale, so they let me use the bathroom to try them on or else i might not have taken the gamble.
pillow cases- .50 each
sheets- $1-$2 each

light blue pants - $1

gap shirt- $2

old navy jeans- $5

dresses- $2

skirt- $1

clothes- .50 - 1.50 each

pajamas- $1 each

go see what everyone else has found this week!

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Holly said...

You found some really nice clothes at great prices!

Jenny said...

Great finds!

Jedda said...

Good job. I found a killer garage sale today. 5 bags of stuff=$8.80. It totally makes your day, don't you think?

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