Monday, June 22, 2009

check it out

*edible teddy bear
*smart snacking
*framed bird's nest
*tips for at home decorating
*paper covered wall
*10 ways to save money while losing weight
*recommended craft tools part II
*sticks in jars (an idea for keeping track of chores for kids)
*photo wall
*spray painting metal trays
*cute baby shower invites
*fun activities for a pre reader
*fast foods to keep in the car
*outdoor entertainment storage shelves

if you would like to see photos along with these links you can see them at my tumblr. you are probably wondering why i do the links on my blog as well, all i can say is its the OCD in me, i like to have a lot of back ups, just in case :)

1 comment:

Jedda said...

Thanks for sharing those links. It was fun to be included and to get some great ideas!

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