Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grocery deals 1/28- 2/3

I guess I will probably still let you in on what I am buying week to week based on what is a good price for food storage items, and fresh produce. I will also still try and give you some recipes that you can use based on what is on sale for the week. I don't think I'll provide the links for coupons because pinching your pennies does that for you.


-green onions .79
-Nabisco crackers 1.99 plus get free cheese when you buy 3 boxes
-Orville popcorn buy 1 get 3 free! (plus I hear they have coupons in the store so keep your eyes open for those)
* Popcorn is a good food storage item so stock up on these ( listed as an expanded food storage item for December in my monthly food storage plan)
-Alb. frozen juice concentrates .99 with in ad coupon
-Tony's frozen pizza 2.00
-Culinary circle pizza buy one get one free plus free two 2 liters of Dr. Pepper
- Chicken breast boneless, skinless 1.77 lb.
-Arm and hammer laundry detergent 3.49 with in ad coupon
*I love to use this detergent when washing towels, it really gets that yucky musty smell out

-roma tomatoes .69/lb
-milk 2.00
-Tropicana OJ 2.88
-2 lb. carrots 2/$4
-grapes seedless red and green 1.49 lb.
-country style boneless pork ribs 1.29/lb
-butter 1.79

*For the grapes that are sale you could use this recipe
*For the pork you could use this recipe, or this recipe
*For the chicken that is on sale you could use this recipe or this recipe

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