Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tip Tuesday { Pick up glass shards }

So I've decided to give you guys a tip a week from my huge overflowing binder full of misc. tips. I know I have a little obsession with stuff like this. So, for today this tip is coming from First magazine, August 15, 2005 issue.

Pick up glass shards in seconds

Next time a glass is shattered during dinner-party mahem, use a slice of white bread to pick up hard-to-see splinters in a jiffy. Simply flick a bit of water onto the bread, then slowly wipe the floor with it, wet side down. The sticky, porous quality of the bread attracts and lifts the tiny shards that a broom misses, so the floor is clear-and safe- in a flash.

I wish I would have turned to my book of tips when we (meaning my husband, but I'll take part of the blame) broke 3 bowls last weekend. I didn't get mad because it means I am that much closer to a new set of dishes!

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Sarah said...

I just love your blog! You have some wonderful links that I can't wait to explore some more. You're officially on my bloglines now, so I'll be back!

-Sarah from Create Studio

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