Thursday, January 29, 2009

My little girl's room, the before

Okay so my big goal for 2009 is to go through each room in the house and declutter, organize and decorate! So, I am starting with my little girl's room first. I thought I would share with you what her room looks like now. Warning: this post contains lots of clutter!

These are my boxes of things that need to be hung, painted, etc.
I have an idea for what is going to go above her bed, you'll just have to wait and see

This is the "catch all" corner

Wow, I could have at least done her laundry before taking this picture. Oh well it will make the after picture look that much better, right?

We only have to 2 bedrooms in our home, but they are both large bedrooms as you can see. I am hoping by posting this that it will really get me motivated to get this room all finished! Pray for good weather, lots of energy, and long naps and I might just be able to pull this off! Stay tuned....


The Brindley's said...

Her room looks a lot like my little boys. I try to orginize things by putting them in totes etc., but our house is so small that we have run out of room for sure!! I cant wait to get some of your ideas.

LuLu & Co. said...

What a great size room, You did a great job! looks wonderful,

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