Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meal Plan 4.23 - 4.29

i've seen some blogs out there that post what there weekly menu plan is so i thought i would start sharing mine. if you read my previous post i talked about how i have a meal outline for each day:
Monday: food storage meal, family home evening treat

Tuesday: crockpot meal (my husband has to leave the house by 7:00 so i have to have a ready made meal , plus i love my crockpot!)

Wednesday: leftovers or freezer meal (clean the fridge out day, sometimes i like to be creative and make something out of the ingredients that i have in my fridge)

Thursday: new recipe

Friday: nice meal or out to eat (date night at our house) oh and i can't forget dessert (i'm not talking about that kind of dessert, geez)

Saturday: childs choice (have your child help out)

Sunday:breakfast or freezer meal (lately my husband has been fixing dinner on these days, i like that option the best!)

so with that in my mind here is my meal plan for this week:

BBQ ribs
*spinach salad with strawberries
*potatoes (baked)

Chicken Alfredo (using this cream sauce)
*green salad with tomato
*grape salad
Dessert: pound cake with fresh strawberries

Crunchy oven baked chicken

Crustless quiche
*fruit salad

Chicken Parmesean
*green salad
*french bread
Treat: Bliss bars

French Dip Sandwhiches
*sweet potato fries
*salad or veggie

leftovers or freezer meal


Kera said...

hey I feel like a total dummy! I didn't realize I am doing the same exact thing on my dumb little food blog! We should hook up and do it together! It would be way easier to come up with recipes. Let me know!

asap04 said...

I liked your updates about your meal plans. It feels homely and comforting. To top it all you can now enjoy free DVD rentals here redbox codes and have fun!

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