Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration

Day 9 - Advent Calendars
You could make felt trees and put numbers on them
Use cute baby socks to hang like stockings! Too cute!

(These two are from Target)

*Click here for a video on some advent calendars
*Whip up has some links to some great advent calendars here and here
*Love this advent calendar,
*and this one
*and this one
*and this one
*and this one
The list goes on and on. So many cute ideas thank you guys for sharing your creativity!
Here is a good idea that I heard is to use your children's Halloween candy to put in a candy advent calendar! Brilliant! The one that I am starting this year is to unwrap and read a Christmas book or story each night. It was tradition in my family growing up to unwrap and read a new Christmas book on Christmas Eve followed by the Christmas Story from the Bible so, I am taking the books that my mom has given me over the years to use as a countdown to Christmas by unwrapping and reading one each night before Christmas.


LuLu & Co said...

The book idea is wonderful.

jennifer said...

I love your cute blog! Adding you to my blog list!

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