Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 10 of the 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration

Day 10 - Christmas Traditions

First I'll share with you some of our Christmas traditions. I am always trying to add new ones that I think would be fun, but I'll share the ones that we currently have:

*Christmas Tree Hunt- the Saturday after Thanksgiving we go up in the mountains to get ourselves a tree.
*Christmas movies- we always have to watch these movies sometime during the month (must watch with all the lights off except for the tree lights) Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story
*Drive around and look at the Christmas Lights
*Read a Christmas book or story each night
*New pajamas on Christmas Eve
*Sledding on Christmas Eve (wears the kids out so they can sleep!)
*Breakfast Casserole on Christmas morning
*Three gifts for everyone- this is a new one we are trying this year but we are trying to keep gifts down to three each one from Santa, one from mom and dad, and one from the siblings

Here are some that I have found around on the internet:
Click here, here, here, and here

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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