Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 8 of the 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration

Day 8 - Colors of Christmas

There are so many wonderful color combinations for Christmas other than the traditional red and green (which is great as well), but if those colors don't go with the decor that you have in your room why not decorate for Christmas using colors that go with your room. Here are some color combinations that I found that I really liked.

Multi colors: green, blue, pink love it!!

Red, brown and white

I am loving red and light blue!

Simply elegant green and white

Are you a gold or silver kind of person? Why not use both!

Blue and white so calm and winterlike!

One of my favorites red and white

Another great use of multi colors!
I couldn't find a picture on the internet but I also love the combo of brown, green and white! What are some of your favorite color combinations for Christmas decorations?

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