Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Out of a catalog holiday decor on a budget

When I was at Target the other day I couldn't help but notice some familiar holiday decor. I looked in my Potterbarn and Crate and Barrel catalog and noticed a lot of similar items found at Target. So here are some ways to get the out of the catalog holiday decor look without breaking the budget.

P.S. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to copy images from Crate and Barrel so I provided links.

Crate and Barrel Reindeer stocking hook $22.95 each

Target Deer Stocking hangers set of 3 $9.99

Crate and Barrel Glitter Trees $19.95

Target Glitter Trees $19.99 (same price as Crate and Barrel)

Potterybarn Mercury candle holders $29

Target Mercury candle holder $17.99

Potterybarn twig reindeer $14-$29

Target Twig Reindeer (out of stock online, check your local store)

Potterybarn reindeer oranment $10

Target reindeer ornaments $3.99

Target Mercury Tree $29.99

Potterybarn Mercury Tree $79
(sorry no image available)

Target Cutout Tree $12.74
Crate and Barrel Cutout Tree $39.95

1 comment:

Gina said...

Great finds! I love the reindeer stocking holders.

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