Monday, November 10, 2008

Check it out 11/10

Here is what I found on blogland lately:

*Whip up has some great simple crafts, check it out here, here, here and here
*Check out thrifty decor chicks laundry room makeover
*Halloween is over but restyled home has a fun idea for witch decor
*Project Domestic Bliss has a super simple and super cute project
*I have books stashed away for this project from the nesting place
*I love making it lovely's studio!
*I want to make these blocks for Mylee's room (and would make a super cute baby shower gift)
*Need some ideas for ribbon organization? Check out little birdie secrets
*This room makes me want to finish Mylee's room
*I LOVE this coffee table! Also check out this door project
*Another project for Mylee's room (could do this with books)
*Check out this fun patchwork notebook, a great way to use scrap fabric and scrap scrapbook paper
*Great way to organize your necklaces
*More belated Halloween decor inspiration
*Did you guys get your super cheap ouchless ponytail holders?
*Are you sick of my belated Halloween projects, yet? Sorry I'll try to get them out earlier next year.
*Another amazing craft room
*Another project on my list
*I love projects made from "junk"
*Apron patterns for my vintage fabric
* Just a girl is hosting a party, check it out
*You have to check out one pretty thing, its my new favorite blog, all about DIY projects!

Sorry that was a long one but definitely worth checking out!

1 comment: said...

Aww, thanks SO much! Reading this made my day!

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