Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thrift Store and Yard Sale finds!

sorry about the lack of blogging lately. i know so many of you have been so dissapointed to not hear from me;) i've been SUPER BUSY decluttering my house!! it's really hard for me to part with my things but i am loving the extra space that i am finding. i am trying to "live with the things i love and get rid of the rest". so on another note (my husband rolled his eyes when i came home with what he calls more junk) i did have success in yard sales and the thrift store this week, here is what i found:

cute vintage sheets to make a quilt, dresses, curtains etc. - $2.00 each
best of chopin piano book - .50
i think its a cheese plate thing? but i am going to use it as a cloche- $3
sheets- $2 each
gap jumper- $3
children's place jeans- $2

baby clothes- $1 each

dvd's - $2 each
books - .50- $1 each
children's book- .25
purse- $3
scrapbook supplies - .25 each
thread holder thing? - $1
pic frame- .25
scrapbook 12x12 page holder - $2
i don't usually buy that much but i couldn't help myself i found such great things. once i get my stuff organized i am hoping to get my craft back on and show you some finished projects! homebody's linky isn't working but i am participating in her thrift store thursday weekly post! check out what she found! i'm kind of jealous.


Launi said...

that's funny that justin thinks it's all junk! i usually look on here and think "wow! look at all the amazing deals megan found! i want to do that!", but my husband would probably roll his eyes at me too. :)

Holly said...

Cute clothes, and the purse is adorable. Great stuff!
Thanks for joining; sorry about the linky.
I didn't mean to make you jealous! ;)

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