Friday, August 29, 2008

I love Kmart clearance!

I love Kmart clearance. That is about all I buy there but they really can have some great things on clearance. Today they had an extra 40% off clearance apparel. Mylee doesn't need any more clothes but I couldn't pass these up.

The top was $.90, the ruffled dress was $3. I love that dress. White doesn't scare me, bleach does wonders.

The jean jacket was $3.60 and the top was $2.80. Did I mention that I love Kmart clearance?

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Travis and Lindsey said...

I am very impressed with all of your thrift finds! So much that I want to see how you use them in your house. Will you please take some pictures of your house and how you have used the items you have found. I can already tell you decorate so well and want to see it in action!

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