Friday, August 29, 2008

Grocery deals

Okay so I usually go grocery shopping on Thursdays but didn't make it until today so here are some good deals that are going on:

-boneless, skinless chicken breast or tenders $1.69 lb.
-Albertson's choc. chip cookies 2 for $5 (really good cookies, treat yourself!)
-nabisco crackers (i.e wheat thins, ritz, etc.) and post cereal 4 for $10, minus $3 when you spend $10 equals $1.75 each. ( more items are included in 4 for $10 but those are the items I bought)
-pampers wipes swipers and clean n go refills 180-231 ct. $5.99
-buy 2 gallons of milk and get box of Kellog's cereal for free ( look in ad to find which cereals)

Lin' s (associated foods)
- seedless grapes $.89 lb. (try eating them frozen, makes a yummy summer snack)
-Johnsonville sausage 2 for $5
-100% grape juice (frozen) 3 for $4
-18 pk eggs $1.89
-roma tomatoes $.99 lb.
-green onions 2 for $1
-32 oz. medium cheddar cheese $5.99
-western family 8 oz. yogurt 10 for $4

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