Friday, October 2, 2009

my favorite: fall must haves

i am well aware that i do not have what we like to call "fashion sense", it is more apparent to me after having a child that i am a little lost when it comes to fashion. i just don't put the time into it as much as i used to. having said that i do still love clothes and fashion and have decided to do a little (and by little i mean little) research and come up with a fall must have list that includes classic and trendy pieces. i am hoping those that read this might be able to put in their two cents and give me the heads up if i am totally wrong or if i have skipped out on something. if i can stick with it, it will be a little mini series. so here is my list of megan's fall must haves:

* boots
*coats and cardigans
*headbands or pieces (with flowers and feathers)
*plaid, especially buffalo plaid
*skinny jeans (to wear with tall boots)
*colored and patterned tights
*maxi dress
*flowers and ruffles
*jewel tones and other fall inspired color pallettes

so help a girl out, what have i totally missed? what have i totally been so wrong on? well wrong or right i'll show you pictures of what i have found on the internet that i personally like that fall (get it fall?) into each category.

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