Monday, July 6, 2009

i feel like a jerk

oh my gosh, so i was looking through some posts that i like, that i save and happen to come across this one. boy do i feel like a jerk. here i thought i was being so creative and thought i would share that creativity with you and then i find that v and co had done the exact same thing!

in all honestly i really had thought of the bandanna skirt being inspired from this. i guess maybe v and co's post was always in the back of my head. anyway just wanted to clear some things up. i never would want to take credit for someone else's ideas.

(and to think i could of just referred to her post to make it, geez i feel like a jerk)

(on another note v and co is an excellent seamstress so that makes me feel a little better about myself)

p.s. isn't ironic that we both have making house a home on our banner?i promise i didn't copy that. we must just think a like.

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twin2trip said...

That's kind of funny! Don't sweat it. I am sure V & co weren't the very first ones to think of it either.

I am so glad to hear that they have sweet potato fries @ JR Munchies:-) I was excited to hear you live in Richfield or is it Monroe...see I know the area. Do you like living there?


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