Friday, March 6, 2009

American Idol Talk

okay so i thought i'd share my thoughts on american idol. i have to say i am a little disappointed this year. let me start by sharing my thoughts about the shows from this week:

Arianna- i think she has a great voice but didn't pick a great song for her (i do love ABBA,but not the spin she put on the song) all in all i would like to see her sing again, i vote yes

Nathaniel- don't like all the drama, don't think he is that great of a singer. judges think kristen doesn't know how to dress, i think its nathaniel that doesn't know how to dress. made me laugh when i heard his song choice was i would do anything for love by meatloaf. perfect song for a drama queen. other thing that made me laugh that several of the judges commented that he was a fun guy. hahaha, do you really think this shows that he is a fun guy, all i see is crying and drama=no fun. i don't think the judges really know the contestants that well this year.personally i think jackie should have made it through. i vote no

Taylor- love her voice, i thought she should have sung no one by alecia keys instead. would like to hear more of her, i vote yes.

Lil- great voice, very big and strong. not really into r&b but i do enjoy hearing her sing, i vote yes

Kendall-thought she had an okay country voice, seems like a nice girl but i am going to have to vote no

Von- he has a good voice, kind of reminds of donny osmond. not my favorite contestant, i vote no

JuNot- has a good voice, doesn't blow me away but has a darling little boy! sorry i vote no he should go home and spend more time with that cute little boy!

Jorge- kind of surprised actually how well i liked his voice. i think i would have to hear some more of him to decide, i vote undecided

Felicia-i thought she did a great job, i vote yes

Kristen-why do the judges put her down so much, quit talking about the way she dresses she looked good that night and the hair was so much better. they need to focus more on her voice and i think she has good one, just didn't pick a song that show cased it, i vote yes

Scott-his voice doesn't blow me away but his story does. wow i think how amazing that he can play the piano being blind!! i vote no, instead i think he should pursue a piano career

Alex-i was laughing out loud at his performance! are you kidding me, funny guy not an amazing voice, i vote no but could maybe think about being a comedian.

my wild card picks, i only need 6: matt (love his voice!), anoop, megan, taylor, arianna and felicia

unfortunately not all of my choices were picked but some were. i have to tell you i am pretty furious that they picked tatiana, what a joke. i'm beginning to think this show is turning into a joke if they had picked norman than i would have been convinced but since they didn't i guess i can keep watching. until then i am still sad about taylor, arianna, and felicia not making it through.

bottom line my favorites out of the top 13 are: allison, anoop, danny, matt, and megan

so what are your thoughts on season 8 so far?

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